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"But, The Birds No Less Will Sing"

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With worldwide stress and paranoia, what will tomorrow bring?

Yes, sunlit skies have turned to darkness...But, The Birds No Less Will Sing.

Evil things are now unfolding, the thirty third mason degree...

The faith of many has all but left them, from fearful sights their eyes will see.

Suicide bombings, Islamic Jihad/they have allah as their guide.

Capitalist gains which makes them poorer/this is the reason that we're despised.

A crazy president who's high off power, what the hell is this man thinking?

Yet, in his home he's not respected...he cannot curb his daughter's drinking.

Disgruntled youth with rage and sadness, beware the "Children of The Corn."

Negligent parents, abuse, bad schooling, misunderstanding, and kiddie porn.

Homosexual priests, the pope condones it, God's Word they're not obeying.

Behind their collars, the trust is minimal; they now stalk the child who's praying.

AIDS, MAD COW, there's SARS, EBOLA, and oh yeah the WEST NILE VIRUS.

The Queen Of Heaven and pagan rituals...for some their god's Osiris.

Since 911 we're strapped for money, you can almost hear the market crash.

In some countries they sell their organs/while others sift through landfill trash.

Collective sighs from every nation, we have to hold our breath to cope.

Still, birds will sing outside your window, and what that means my friends is hope.

Our societal fabric is left in tatters, from salted tears all eyes will sting.

Prodigious problems, and few solutions...But, The Birds No Less Will Sing.







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