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"The Grievance"

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Another Man of Color dies/a village cries

I see the White of “Not Guilty” through the lens of Black Eyes

Despite some biased sentiments, and what a few others may believe

Eric Garner was clearly murdered – “I can’t breathe! –I can’t breathe”

The list of victims is growing yearly, and more Black Mothers are left bereaved

Though these verses may cause contention, I only write to spread the Truth

I’ve found the skeletons in your closet just like that Sherlock Holmes sleuth

This man could never be a bigot – that’s for the weak- a cheap thrill

It’s that you’ve been getting away with killing long before Emmett Till

Now almost 60 years have passed/ and once again a last gasp

These modern times are just a mirror…a dark reflection of your past

Here’s another bit of info – better yet, a proven fact…

You could legally “Lynch” a Black Man – until the 60’s to be exact

To add more sin to your atrocities/let’s explore a thing you did

When Black Humans were noosed and burned/some had the nerve to bring their kids

You could’ve broken that vicious cycle, shown your children a better way

Instead you fueled that senseless hatred- your seed the racists we see today

It takes all peoples to raise a nation, this I know to be quite true

So, I have no malice towards your pigment/I just despise the things you do

We’re all pros at the game of life/then please quit acting as if you’re an amateur…

Don’t judge a Black Man by his skin…But, rather the “Content of his character”....


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