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A Poet's language pt 4( Manifestation of the mind)

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Words good like Gumbo, steps big like Dumbo, punchlines very intoxicating, I bet you get drunk tho.

  I won't front yo, I came from the hood, I was a n*%g@, I turned into a God show, whipped out my God flow, touched some hearts, laid the words on the bed, I made love yo.

 In between the sheets, I went deep, I was about to bust, I skeeted some C's.

  I came and became Mr. can, I'm now walking upright, I abandoned the word can't.

 I am diseased, I got A-I-D-S I'm very sick.

  where in the hell did I catch this !

  A-mazingly I-nspirational D-eliverer S-aviour, no rubbers I'm passing this around, I like to be positive on papers.

 This heart is for making love, trying to get y'all to divorce from Satan.

  And I'm not hating ,turning up every night is overrated, don't get too caught up, our future is at stake,

 all of these politicians are fake, silly puppets, I swear I wish Pinocchio could win this race,

  I bet he could debate and pull off the liar traits and show Ms. Hillary's face, then go and pull up on my homie Ted, blow one with him, watch him shoot off Donald Trump's toupee,

  or his mullet as he say,

  White Supremacy has to be replaced, that is the mindset of the devil, so it has to drown in my poet's lake, loch ness monster flow, every now and then I appear to offer a poet's drink, pour some ounces of my consciousness out, just to get people to think,

 because people ain't who they say,

  I live by the laws of cause and effect, because Karma is the order of the day.

  I rarely rest, I like to throw around my intellect , like I'm God in the flesh,

 I'm not crazy, I submitted my will, now y'all can see God manifest,

  y'all can label me, I just don't wanna be called the best,

 I'm humble, I'll rumble, I'll pitch a tent in the jungle, as long as I still got my mind, I'll show up at your front door, with some kind words and we can eat them like lunch yo. King Qadar Dwon'

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mlowe5 says:

Continue to write on, my Brother. Deep! May The Most High keep and Bless you. One Love. Mlowe5

Kingqadardwon' says:

@Mlowe5 my very wise and beloved brother . Thank you for the infinite motivation sir. That fuels me so much..

mlowe5 says:

Continue to write on, my Brother. Deep! May The Most High keep and Bless you. One Love. Mlowe5

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underhiswings7 says:

Too dope.

Kingqadardwon' says:

@Underehiswings7, thank you for reading and vibing with me on this piece.. Definitely appreciated..

mrmelody7 says:

Keepin it real as always respect and high regards for your voice keep it rollin fight the good fight

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2b2b2 says:

Tight Flow....Bravo....Word Up!

Kingqadardwon' says:

@Mrmelody7 Thank you my beloved talented brother... You have a real gift.. I always appreciate your feedback and real words... Very humble brother...

Kingqadardwon' says:

@2b2b2.. Thank you brother! You are the spark plug and engine of poetry vibe... I definitely appreciate you, your feedback, and your works.... Always on time.

coalhouse says:

Keep bangin...

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Corey says:

Hi King, You rocked this! Its one of them poems that you hear music to has you read it. Loved it! Great job!

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RonnieL says:


latin_lover says:

Very nice!

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