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12 BC 12 AD

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The comings, the goings, the leavings, the stayings, knew those persons, places, and things all too well. Their love never recognized my constant nouns, they do now, realize the many adjectives of my character.

  That was defined by others to finally place me into the light that I was purposed to live and carry out my purpose.

  But time waits on no one and it's a serious job to report daily to my 12 to 12 shift to arouse my brain, measure my sapio-Angles, and to sex my language. 

 Passed out and in my last stages of trying love.

 I was in the wilderness doused in kerosene Inhaling the fumes of the dead trees that was once life of my old flings, to live I had to consume my own leaves and drink of my own tears.

 Praying out loud for just an Uno of a chance, something to match the only card that I held in my hands, It was a King of Hearts, I needed the Queen to win this game and pull me out of a jam.

  Now Nature sees

  That I was given a new life and a new breath, revitalized from a raindrop from the heavens where she lived as an adolescent, where she grew as a teen to be a blessing, came down as an adult to be my ultimate satisfaction, helped to further inspire, motivate, cultivate, spiritualize, helped me grow into me,

  I grew daily in size, I was having a divine erection, when I opened her mind and let her inside of mines. All was created in 12 periods of time, the Qu'ran says 6, the Bible says 6, not trying to be rude but I'm talking about mines.

 My scriptures, Her scriptures, our scriptures, we can call all readers of poetry to bear witness to what I am mentioning, I can keep going from verse 1 to verse infinity

  But I'll stop at Douze.

  And continue that same cycle of love forever because through my wisdomatic lens, only true love gets you into heaven.

  Qadar Dwon'

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underhiswings7 says:

Deep piece! I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing your talent!!

2b2b2 says:

Awesome.....really, really Dope.....thanks for sharing...Namaste!

Ladypoet45 says:

Loved this Qadar, the imagery is as amazing as it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

hymnagen says:

You've got a flair for musical language king...Bravo!

Kingqadardwon' says:

I want to send a special thank you to all of you wonderful poets. I'm surrounded by and I am encouraged by brilliant minds.

RonnieL says:

Thoughts and words merged into one....ridiculous! Enjoy your pieces bruh.

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yuhi says:

Intense, exact and absolutely engaged.

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