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15th Ave

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I heard serious things about 15th Ave

It was here today and gone tomorrow on that Ave

Everything was a drug deal and I mean everything

Your girl for dope, car for dope, cash for dope, dope for dope

And the hard currency was you laying in the middle of the street

Fertilizing the concrete amidst blue and red cascading lights welcoming you to Hell.

I don't know if you have ever tongue-kissed the Devil

But 15th Ave was a close to doing as you could come

They all knew the rules and so did you.

You knew what would eventually happen

And a gun on your lap would not stop the impending fury

of an unequal exchange.

Your life for this dope. Get it.

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DeleDivine says:

This is so real.:) I like.

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latin_lover says:

Thank you so much.

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DeleDivine says:

You're welcome.:)

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