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"Hispanic Beauty"

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Golden heart on the inside Beautiful spirit on the outside All it takes is a smile to light up a mile Golden skin color that lights up by the sun it makes every dating candidate want to be her #1 Elegant in style with spanglish rolling off her tongue She's powerful in business calm like a sea full of waves Her eyes are blue like the Pacific Ocean you get lost in her memorizing eyes You take her hand and go into a nameless paradise Each step you take you go into another amazing place Next thing you realize you drift back into reality into the real world You are that praying warrior that saved princess that "Hispanic Beauty " Jesus made your blessed beauty by his own handiwork and at the end of the day he smiled from heaven at the daughter he brought into the world

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after vision says:

my poet, I love how you glide the brush of beauty to highlight your Hispanic beauty. we should all do the same

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tiffanyr says:


tiffanyr says:

@after vision I'm not Hispanic I dont think lol my last name is Hispanic but I wrote this piece for the Hispanic race if nobody else will.

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