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WhenI look to God

I look to win,

Because many a time in my life

I looked to sin.

No one knows sin

Better than a sinner,

I had sin for lunch

And had sin for dinner.

You should've seen

How my days turned into nights,

Y'see to begin to sin

You don't need any lights.

I became a real greedy person

And began giving up on hope,

Life became a tangled web for me

I was slipping down the drain like a used bar of soap!

But what happened to me 

Could happen to you,

I got down upon my knees

And prayed "Jesus, what shall I do?"

Soon, I began to shed tears

Tears of joy and not of pain,

 I knew satan created much fear

And God created rain.

There is something about a spiritual event

It is of course heaven sent.

So up above the tree-tops high

I can see what birds do see,

It is a clear path to where Jesus lives

Getting there is up to you and me.



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jcf108 says:

LOVE YOUR POEM! Took great humility to pen this one, thank you!

after vision says:

my poet, the journey through the soul ends through the pen

PHIRE says:


poems by this commentor


B. Dynasty says:


blakmista says:

Thanx for the wonderful comments! PEACE AND LOVE. fp.

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Fabulous!

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