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We are the leaders of our own revolution. Stem cells could'nt create a substitution! The world is a stage and our voices the mic. Let's stop expressing the wrong in Love and honor what is right! Speaking in retrospect that boils down to one thing. Our Women are trading up to the flash of diamonds instead of waiting on that deserving king!

Who is that? The one who knows your palms we're made to hold roses while walking water streams. One who whispers the real while holding your face up to moonlight. One who knows we we're surrounded in blacknes before there was light!

Love is not just a phase. For those not in sync allow me to paraphrase! Love is a lifelong commitment to not just an opposite but also yourself. Love is not a trophy of wealth! Love is not a vow you continually brake. Without Love eternity is at stake!

My expressions are not for amusement, but movement. You would pass on the expression if you knew what my moves meant!  Love is a tie that binds. When will you use your time?

For movement!

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latin_lover says:

Powerful write. Loved it!

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Wize Dom says:

Yes most definitely powerful. Welcome to the Vibe!

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after vision says:

my poet, the power of your pen draws me in

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lovelylady1 says:

my king, this is so true! Thank you for the confirmation......

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