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A Story of Waking UP

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I woke up this morning and shed a tear or two...

I woke up this morning a woman made a new

I got out of bed with him on my mind

The love he showed me was apparent in my stride

He loved me down to my knees and I could not get up


I woke up this morning at a loss for words

I got in to the shower trying not to listen to my thoughts murmurs

I got up this morning still feeling last night from soul to being

But I have yet to crawl out of my thoughts fearful of seeing...


Seeing this new person look back through the reflective glass at me

I woke up this morning wishing to have not had this epiphany

I out on my clothes this morning knowing this person inside was not ready for the day

Wishing to curl into an embrace that wasn't there and stay

I woke up this morning with his name eager and ready on my lips

His taste on my tongue and the feeling of his hands on my hips


I left my house this morning learning something new about myself

A fact once hidden that I wish I could re-shelf

But there is no such thing as un-discovering

And saddly there is no cure for his particular brand of sourcery


I just want to go back to sleep

Pretend these parts of myself had not been unshethed

But there's no way to take back time or what was given

Although I wish it could... cause all of this hit me like a mac truck when I got up this mornin'

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Ladypoet45 says:

Nice work Lai-D Jay, great visualization. I can definitely relate. Thank you for sharing.

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