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But we're best friends

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There are things I want to tell you

That I couldn't previously say

Feelings I kept inside and hidden away

You were always around to give the good advice

Always so much fun, and you touch so sweet and nice

I crave to indulge in your presence Things I can't find anywhere else

The way you understand the quiet, lonely head space

The way you can sympathize with the outlandish creative thought process

But the thing with us is that we've come far with friendship

Stabilized with the constant reminders of our here and there significant others

But from time to time I wonder if significant others were you and I.

You've made mention at a similar thought or feeling

But if given the opportunity would it work?

I'm sure trying wouldn't be horrible.

But is loosing a pure friendship worth it

We'd have to talk about it, granted

But two intellectuals could figure it out

As long as we come to agreements and give up on doubt

We are here meeting on the same playing field from perspective ends

Just look away from the current ending

And focus on what's mew to begin

Maybe is our answer for now as we wait for perfect timings

And get it right things

The tools we'll need if trying is our option

But right now, it's half conversations

Quietly waiting expectations

And hopeful runaway destinations

We shall see what the future holds

By the time of the last hours toll

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2b2b2 says:

Interesting affair...thanks for sharing

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