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A Liberated Sonnet of Liberation

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A Liberated Sonnet of Liberation


The heroes have been silenced. Gone.

The leaders are contained. Contented.

And the warriors are now married

To the earth; and we are divorced again

From justice—cast aside once more.


The fruits of the journey lay rotting

In abandoned dream sheds;

War is no longer a game children play

But a hypnotizing reality seeping away

Innocence choked on self-destruction.


Yet all is not lost.  The sun comes again tomorrow.

We shall rise and clothe ourselves in tattered hope

And arm ourselves with the old weapons of faith.

Delayed justice is snow; and the devil is a lie.

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....I've been writing poetry for over 30 years now, and I'm just a baby and a student as a Poet and Writer. Your writing resonates with years of deep thought and practice....You are a true gift to the literary community.....This composition was compelling and your iambic pentameter was fabulous.....From one Writer to another.....Respect

Wize Dom says:

I found this to be so, inspiring...well lit pen

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mlowe5 says:

My Dear Brother Poetiq1der, first of all, much thanks for the blessing. God is Good. I am deeply touched and honored by your feedback. Yes, I have been at it for over 4 decades, both here and in Jamaica. What keeps me going is the inspiration I get from so many of the young Black Brothers and Sisters that are today sharing their poetic genius---from Rap/Dub to "conventional" Griot type pending. And this includes you. Let us ever be mindful that if we do not write Ourstory, know that History will not. Blessings be upon all the pregnant Sable poetic minds that continue to give birth the Ebony poetic Word. Much Love to All. Peace and Love, mlowe5.

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mlowe5 says:

Brother Wize Dom, Thanks. It is always an inspiring pleasure to hear from such a young pregnant poetic mind that The Most High has blessed you with. Your poetry continues to inspire Elders like myself. Write on my young Brother, you have been chosen to say much to the generations. Peace and Love, mlowe5

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