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...Sometimes...I feel as if I were stillborn...

Devoid of a future

Bereft of hope

A deformed fetus which never left its mother's womb/routinely

scraped out of a cavity like so much detritus, and then forgotten


...Sometimes...I feel naked in a world which

idolizes clothing

This man's raiment who suffers is loneliness/an ill -fitting

garment of despair


Orbs covered by glasses of red/but, the red that I see is not roseate - it is vermilion/The color of blood...

The blood of minorities/The blood of those ethnically cleansed

The blood of innocent children destroyed by heartless

predators and abusers -

The Blood Of The Son Of God, who has many names, yet, has no face...The Blood Of The Lamb...


...I am The Voice Of One Crying In The Wilderness...

Still, who will dare to straighten the paths made crooked by an evil empire?

They see not - they hear not -

They are not

Can you unravel this mystery?


The evil empire can only be seen by those with

Spiritual Eyes/even though their

masonic symbols are everywhere


It's on the back of a dollar bill - Can you

see it?

If not - then Greed and Blindness

go hand in hand


Nonetheless, at the close of the day, when my

meditations are over - When my tears have all

been spent - When my very soul is at its end...


...Then, I fully realize that I am vulnerable/just

barely capable of hanging on...


It is then that I'm certain, that I'm merely

a child/who needs to be found....




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mrmelody7 says:

Sometimes makes one stronger solve questions that one ponder sometimes is always a good thing, keeps your focus your vision right on track sometimes nice, pondering write

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