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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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A Relationship as an old boat

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Floating on hopes and dreams,
Two separate but related ships steam down twisted streams,
Bound together with anchors, ropes and other things,
Floating toward an ocean unspecific,
Storms formed from clouds of words mostly explicit,
In lieu of weathering the waves we opt to dock somewhere exquisite,
Back underway to our dismay, 
Our problems remain stubborn stowaways,
When our crew, cargo and responsibility grew, 
Our resources became strained and few,
We abandoned my ship, made no since for us to have two,
Half the space and freedom, we'd all die if it ever sank,
Went you get on my nerves, I wish you'd to walk the plank,
But I'd rather sail with you in that little old boat we got,
Than to be alone in an expensive magnificent yacht,  
No longer the captain of my fate, we co-master control,
We're literally on the same boat, wherever you go, I go.

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after vision says:

how funny two heartbeats beats as one without notice #half#of#whole

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