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Trying to numb out this pain

I do not lose it but gain

Heart always sad and heavy

Trying to piece fragments of my life...

There are many

Never want to build bridges...I put up walls

Got no one to answer, text or call

Feeling no one standing next to me

For once I want to feel alive to see

That maybe

I could be someone that lives happily

Not angrily

Who was I in my past life

Feel like I'll be paying for it in my afterlife

Pray to God Almighty to give me strength

Fight each day to the nearest tenth

I know some of you feel the same way I do

Not battered or shattered but just blue

Thick cloud embraces my feelings

Doesnt allow science to do it's healings

Nothing can take this pain that screws me

It feels like blank space entirely

My life needs to begin again

Get down at night and pray my Amen

Stare in the skies past what looks like stars

I've been staring for hours

No answers to this conclusion

It really messed up thoughts with more confusion

With lots of happiness and different illusions



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Wize Dom says:

This is the stuff that Poets are made of. Good stuff!!!

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after vision says:

my poet you can live and rest in happiness just keep your head up and heart pumping

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RaveyBaybee says:

Love this! I can definitely relate

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