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3 Wishes Part 2: Georges Decision.

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I was 21 when my pops died. 

Stage 4 cancer. Colon, kidneys, lung and thyroid and there's no stage 5. 

I got a brother and a sister, im the middle of three

Sis found out last minute and its messed up but that was just how things had to be. 

Dad got in the ring with the cancer and was losing, it was a crazy scene

And at the time it was the craziest thing I had ever seen. 

Imagine Ali fighting Tyson

Except Ali is getting an a**whoopin because he already decided there wasnt a point in fighting. 

He lost his mother in 06 and that ish hurt

Then his wife in 08 to breast cancer, that was damn near worse. 

Then his bestfriend a in 2011, seems that was the last straw. 

So when the surgeon tried to make contact, dad aint answer his calls. 

My second wish, is just to have a conversation with pops

Ask him at what exact moment did he decide to just let his life stop?

What was his reasons for being selfish?

If when he made his decision, did he think about his kids?

How could a man cure another person of a disease and not himself?

And how was it so easy to end his story the way it did and be happy with what he put on the shelf?

To know if he thought of anybody else but himself. 

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