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3 Wishes....

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If I had 3 wishes

I swear I wouldnt ask for money, clothes and/or b*tches

I just wanna get my cousin out of jail or at least reduce his sentence

Pay whatever the price to get him out and keep him out of prison. 

Take him too his daughter, make sure she know he's her father 

So she if she knows nothing else about him, she'll know that at least he tried his hardest. 

My second wish, I debated for a little

I just wish I could have my father back so we could conversate for a little. 

Put him up on game

Let him know sh*t aint the same

Every since you been gone, I den damn near went insane. 

I just wanna know what it takes to be a man

Let him know that throughout all the bullsh*t, he never lost a fan. 

My third wish, is to know the truth. 

I know its gonna be hard to swallow

But im tired of the people who claim to be anointed anf my people running to follow. 

I just wanna know what God looks like if he does exist

And if the aliens is watching from the pink patter in ufo's and sh*t. 

I wanna know if religion is really telling the truth

Or if it was just another slavery tool used to enslave my ancestors and eventually our black youth. 

If we're jews or gentiles, which I feel I know

But then again, our truth aint always the truth and thats just how life goes. 

This is what I'd ask for if I had 3 wishes

To know these things without limits. 

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rosay says:

yessss brotha speak life loved the rawness in it

Jay Beach says:

Thanks for reading sista.

Ladypoet45 says:

Great work Jay Beach, What a touching story. Thank you for sharing.

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Wize Dom says:

Homie! I do use that term affectionately. .if I were near I would reach out, embrace you, look you in the eyes and tell you...You are the TRUTH☀

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Jay Beach says:

Thanks for the love yall. Its greatly appreciated

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