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3 Wishes Part 1: Johnnie's Turmoil

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My little cousin Johnny, I weep for you. 

I wish I coulda been there and ran them streets for you.

Or visited more often, to give you positivity and insight

Maybe then you wouldn't be in that cell and we'd be more tight. 

See my little cousin Johnny, he grew up rough. 

My uncle left him and his moms for that street life so he had to grow up fast and tough. 

So my young ninja did whatever he felt he needed to do. 

He hustled, out on the streets and even candy in school. 

A young man from LA, growing up in Watts. 

And when he was 13, some dudes ran up in him and his mothers spot. 

She was taking a shower and my cousin was out. 

Them dudes ran in with burners, killed her then went back to the block. 

I felt for him even though we grew up on different sides of the spectrum. 

I would even go as far to say that if life was a class, I'd be the student and he'd be the lecture. 

But back to the story

One thats a little violent and gory. 

One day, Johnny goes to his girlfriends little family function. 

Our side of the family dont like the girl cause she be on some other ish.

But he goes and gets into with her cousin and get manhandled. 

So he went to the backyard and pulled out that thang with a black handle. 

Pow! Pow! Two shots to her cousin back and he died around the corner. 

And my cousin was locked up quicker than a call could be made to a coroner. 

Even though I know my cousin was wrong, they couldnt prove dude died from his shot. 

And when they went to court; his girl snitched on him quicker than a child open up a christmas box. 

They gave my cuzzo 99 years

So with my first wish, free my cousin, he done had enough tears. 

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after vision says:

wow, my poet. the details are so heartfelt

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