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A New Day

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Dawn awakens a new day
One filled with promises and hope
The possibilities are endless
Opportunities are plentiful
Relinquishing the stress of yesterdays
While progressively springing forth with a renewed vigor for life
Overcoming obstacles thrown in your path
While brandishing the sword of Glory
Cutting down the evilness of adversaries against you
While paving the way for better tomorrows
Holding your head high
While proudly and boldly initiating the future of your descendants
Always striving for greatness and happiness
Nobody or anything can stand in your way
Nothing can prevent you from accomplishing your goals
Your worries disappear
Instead replaced with determination
Fear is out in the cold
While courage makes itself at home
Bringing with it peace an tranquility
Empowering you with the courage and faith to continually face many more new days

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latin_lover says:

I like this poem.

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Lyrical Lyfe says:

smooth :)

poetrychef33 says:

Thanks for he comments...I appreciate the love!!!

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Edna says:

I like it !

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