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Being Black is a Race



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Being Black is a race. 
A race against time
A race from the police 
A race from racism
A race from ourselves
A race from killings and crime, poverty, drugs and abuse

Being Black you will find yourself running a race that you will race one way or another.

Being Black is a race that you will face.
A race from discrimination and segregation
A race to know
A race to grow 
A race to succeed, to accomplish, to out do
A race to prove, to be accepted
A race to be respected
A race to be reckoned with

Being Black is a race within a race.
Being Black is a race they don’t want to be, but they want to copy, emulate and duplicate. Some people are intimidated just by us being Black, because now our skin color has the Power. But they too have the Power, they been had the Power, and now that we have the same Power they have, it’s a problem.

For many, many years Black has been depicted as dark, depressing, dirty, sadness, unworthy, horror, fear, wicked, evil, death… The wicked witch wore black, at funerals people wore black because that was a time of sadness. It appeared as Blacks, we were cheap, we were poor, we wanted something for free, always looked for a handout, we wanted something marked down or taken off, or “go get yo manager.”
That’s not all Blacks. Truth be told, every race loves discounts, sales and markdowns. But why call it “Black Friday” when things are “cheap?” Why not call it Blue, Purple or Green Friday? Just saying.
Oooh but WOW, what a difference! This “Black” thing has taken a turn and look at how Black has changed.

Black symbolizes Empowerment (always did)
Black is of Excellence
Black is Beautiful (always been)
Black is Dominance 
Black is Luxury
Black is Elegance
Black has a higher meaning and is of an even higher standard.
Yes, higher than high. 
Do you know what it means to have a “Black” Card in today’s society?
Oh you made it big big if you got a “Black” Card. 

Anyway, while you run your race (at your own pace), embrace being Black.

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