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All eyes placed, focusing on the missing words that could not escape my lips.

Everything seemed so close,

You seemed so distant.

So far; if I were to call to you, the chances of you hearing me would possibly be…

I wished for forever, my thoughts and dreams I had pinned them up upon this white board and this script that I had written was meant to showcase my ability to grow.

My words were chosen for specific reasons, they were meant to touch and feel the vessels that are racing within your veins.

My monotone voice was supposed to be as smooth as bourbon, as tasteful as your favorite piece of candy.

Back and forth, back and forth I pace I as I attempt to gather my thoughts,

My body dance as I dry my hands upon my pants.

I guess this would have been the best time to prove how good my tolerance is,

However, there was no hiding the fact that I was just as faded as the thoughts that were within my head.

I turn mute whenever you shoot down my advances.

Recently I have had to excuse my heart from outside its room.

This would explain why I am no longer able to investigate you.

Tell me, how do you love someone who is constantly shutting you out?

How do you throw a stone at a window that never seems to shout?

Do you continue to toss the stone?

Or do you just give up?

You don’t recognize my feelings because you are choosing to ignore the signs around you.

Although I have realized that you cannot hear me, I am almost 100 percent sure that you can clearly see my mouth moving.

Everyone can see my mouth moving.

Yet that doesn’t seem to matter.

Because no one can hear my voice.

I have never felt so frustrated.

Is this how it feels to be defeated?

Am I…losing this battle?

Or are we losing this battle?

I never knew how lonely it would be to sit outside and watch life continue to run into a brick wall repeatedly.

Until the day came when I realized that I am not being heard…not because my words were set on mute.

It is because we may have or are nearing the climax of our story.

And now everyone is now waiting to witness the breakdown…of my heart.

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love_supreme says:

Wow, very nice.

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The Immortal Wize says:

Clever emotional drawing of a picture in motion.

TEEDUB815 says:

Nice Write!

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