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Ten Toes Down



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Hard times can come and go like seasons yet still I stand.

Ten toes down I stand,

Rooted in my truth with my heel on the throat of everything that I stand for.

Like a chameleon I am constantly changing my skin to adapt to your moods.

Where you see no hope, I anchor down and prove to you that hope is always around.

When misunderstandings have stepped to the forefront.

I find a reason when we cannot find common ground.

There is always a reason.

 If I am unable to find anything else,

I am always there to divert the storm.

Pressing on with you following suit.

You rely on me like I am the lifeline to this relationship.

Leaning onto my word like I have been trying to lean up against the Lord’s.

I smile because I no longer have the time to frown.

Because when sh*t goes down, I must have a way to keep everything together.

Because I am the one who can remain calm during difficult situations.

So therefore, I must stand strong.

Ten toes down,

Rooted in my truth with my heel on the throat of everything that I stand for.

You see I have got to be the lover and not just the friend but the best friend.

I must be ready to educate when lessons need to be taught.

Console whenever you need to be consoled.

Be that motivation when the world has turned its back on you and me too.

It is important that I always remain that superhero.

To take on this world and fight everything that we face and win.

I must withstand the stares and the nice nasty comments that come with this role.

We thank God for the uniqueness that he has bestowed upon us.

From our textured hair all the way down to the color of our skin, the fullness of our lips and the width of our nose.

The ebonics that casually comes out whenever we come around our people.

From the outside looking in we are good.

From the outside it looks like whenever times get hard, we will come together and fight tooth and nail to stand for what is right.

If we do not have anything else.

We are supposed to have each other.

The only question that I have is who do I have when you have temporarily turned your back on me?

When I lose my footing who is going to stand firm and catch me before I fall?

Who is going to say that “It is going to be alright?”

Lie to me so well that even you will believe in these words.

Like you believe that it doesn’t matter how high a cat may fall…it is guaranteed to land on all fours.

Stimulate my thoughts by trying to motivate me.

Stand ten toes down in your truth.

Be rooted in your truth while your heel is on the throat of everything that you stand for.

And tell me how it feels?

Speak while knowing that you are not being heard.

Listen without hearing and accept the fact that you just might need to keep repeating yourself until I verify that you are not listening to me.

Tell me that you love me while telling me that you love what I do for you.

Speak not one word while yelling until you can speak no more.

You misunderstand my strength.

My adaptability.

The light that you see behind my eyes cannot possibly be coming through clearly.

Because if it was you would know that this here isn’t right.


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