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“Today we lost a voice”


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“Today we lost a voice”

Today we lost a voice…
A voice of courage,
a voice of equality,
a voice of personal pain and
the pain of a race, of women,
of people across the globe..

Today we lost a poetess…
A poetess’s words struck,
A poetess’s words shook foundations,
A poetess’s words that reached nations,
A poetess that spoke on the personal experience,
a poetess that engaged the mind to think, wonder.
and awe for the lives of others and herself.

Today we lost a voice…

A voice that encouraged others to speak,
A voice that made so many weep,
A voice that carried so may dreams,
images and realities to the light  from the dark.

How do we pay homage to one so full of spark.
Now God has her in his grasp to hear all the
lovely words release her lips, we will miss you
Maya Angelou for all your words, all your work
And most of all inspiring so many generations of
poets and poetess to follow in your footsteps.

Today we lost a voice…
But tomorrow we gain the assurance that her words
will never be silenced or ceased because of her right
her fight, her plight to be a voice of humanity.

By:  Naz’e 5/28/14 4:51 p.m.

This is to pay homage to the great Maya Angelou... © May 2014, Dwayne Green

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A beautiful tribute! And may her echoes continue to resonate throughout the generations. She must remain an inspiration through the times. Thanks for the share. ONE. Peace and Love.

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