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Entangled Pt I


just different

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“Entangled Pt I”


Entangled I am with you…


With all the laughter that you give

me and all the funny voices between

me and you.


You give me the energy and

the birth of something new.


I am wrong to have this…


I am wrong for caring for you?


Should I be charged and be beheaded

for the emotions that are growing

stronger for you.


I dare not to ask.


I dare not to question.


          Sweet is this entanglement

    sweet is your voice in my ear.

There are not to many in my

life that has gotten me here.


Here were I enjoy the risk,


Here where I’ll steal a kiss,


here is where you should be and

continue to add to our adventure

that will be pure bliss.


Entangled I am with you

longing for the sound

of your voice.


Aching for the time

for us to spend waxing 

each other’s poetic soul. 


Sharing in our passion,

sharing in our vision. 


And sculpting masterpiece after masterpiece of words that are filled with so much imagery, so much emotion and filled with dreams of us that will never be but can be in this form where we never die and never break up and never say harsh words that would destroy our work. 


Tasting the essences of one 

other without even touching, 

feeling the warmth and the 

heat of you and I. 


I am entangled with you and you are 

entangled with me, breathe not 

so heavy in a heavy hearted tone.


Not all things should give 

birth and stay alive.


Sometimes it is good when things 

die so then there can be a revival

of something new, something real. 


So feel me once again with words,

feel me once again with our souls,

and continue to correspond with me 

to create and thrive.   


Naz’e 12/8/2006


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