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“Have I lost my edge”


just different

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“Have I lost my edge”

Have I lost my edge with writing, living & loving.
Have my words become laps and lacking.

How do I entertain confetti minded people, where there are so many issues, so many worlds that human kind has yet to see.

And I don’t mean the worlds of the universe I mean the many different dimension of the human condition here one Earth.

Forget the color of my skin, forget that I am a man and forget that I am part of generation X. But believe in my text.

But I am seriously questioning my craft has my mind been burn asunder and become a blunder.  
All the many poets that are here and gone are reaching out to me and saying Naz’e just keep believing and yet my words of expression has caused many stirs but my point is I don’t want
to be a blur.

I want to stand out of the crowd and point out other poets
that are as amazing as the sunrise. And I wish to let the
tear fall from my eyes.

Because I do have something to say…
I do have something to say…
And it is not Tomfoolery it’s just my form of poetry,
Have I lost my edge, someone tell me please.

Naz’e 11/18/14

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

As you focus on your edge, remember, there is a difference between entertaining and sharing needed awareness. No, you have not lost your edge; just keep on sharpening it! ONE. Peace and Love.

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