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I am not giving you anything filtered”


just different

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I am not giving you anything filtered”

Yes, yes, Yes!!!!!

That’s me screaming at all those
that insist to scratch my eyes out!

To tear my heart out,
Tear my soul out
Eat the remains of me!!!

What the *** should I do should I retaliate or
should I play fake and give them the very
thing that they are trying to destroy.

But what is the reason for this bull!!!
Oh, yes it’s because in my heart I
could be the deepest poet/person when
my heart is wanting and needed
to express the need!!!

Yes the need….

I’m not giving you anything filtered,
anything censored,
nothing held back!

How many times have I thought
about taking my life!!!

How many times I thought that I
was the piece of of life!!!

How many times have I cried, screamed
and tore into me because of me
and because of others.
How many times,,,,,

Too many…
Too many, to even wish to count…

Life is biting the of me,

But one day the truth will be free even
if it comes way of my death bed.

Why do I have to be the center of pain
of others universes that include me into
their bull but no one is there to give
me a hand when I am drowning.

I’m not giving you anything filtered,
anything censored,
nothing held back!

This is Dwayne/Naz’e coming to the point where
there voice can no longer be quiet. People need to see
that I am not an ass-wipe for their pleasure, there

Their needs to be a calm that comes
to this man’s mind, heart and soul.

                                Naz’e 8/24/2014


This is my thoughts unfiltered..... © Aug 2014, Dwayne Gree

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