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The World is full of my Kind*


just different

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The World is
full of my Kind*

I struggle beyond belief to be recognized...

How I lay waste by the wayside.

So many can see me, if they willed.

But there busy. Selfish, techno-complicated lives have them so
color blind.

I show my beauty,

I show my personality,

I show God’s amazing powers
of creativity.
Yet, thousands pass my presence
am I not the bud of nature’s essence.

See me full of color and poise,
vibrant enough to make silent noise.

Who I am…?

Stretching my arms towards
the sun but do you see me?

Yes, I mean you sir, or, or you Maam!

The world is full of my kind,
some of us have been known
to shine.

Your refusal to recognize me
makes me cry, makes me wane,
me feel so ashamed.
Who am I?

Do you really want to know,
it might shock you when I
tell you

I stay by street side, or on
the sides of the roads.

I am sometimes found in
rural areas as well as
metropolitan cities, I go
by the many scientific
name  Rosa-Acicularis.

Now do you, see
my beauty.

Naz’e 5:47 a.m. 

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