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Entangled Part 2


just different

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“Entangled Part 2”





Are an entangled two…


Sharing our minds 

and are bodies 

in more ways that 

can be said.


Acting out our passions in more than one position in our bed.


Feeding the need…


Feeding the greed…


Feeding our inner beast with some fresh tasting meat. 


Like a wild beast hungering for the taste of fresh blood. 


That’s you and I day and night, posting no limit on the exertions of each other.


Sharing each other fluids of man and woman to feed our bodies yearning for being one. 


I am entangled with you…


Whether I want to admit it or not, this emotion between you and I can not stop. 


I fear as you fear how far this can go but what we don’t fear is the need for each other’s growth.


The words that are fed in tablespoon form is what is causing this baby to be born. 


Our tender newborn baby likes the approach of what we have birthed. 


Giving life to what 

many never feel, 


Having someone in our lives to share and so connected that we feel the vibrate music that sings in our hearts.


To know that we never, 

ever want to be apart. 


Entangled we are..


That’s you and I.


We are as the stars 

in the sky,


Both together streaming 

from one point of 

the universe 

to another. 


Knowing that there 

is a deep commitment 

to each other.  





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