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“How many of us feel like Sherman Klump“


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“How many of us feel like Sherman Klump“

How many of us have felt like Sherman Klump…

People laughing at you,
people picking at you,
people constantly judging you.

The world seems that it can never accept your type,

the world constantly stereo-types,

the world never letting up on the mocking,

there is no end of this mistreatment stopping.

How many of us have felt like Sherman Klump…

Your heart is so filled with love but who is there
to except it from you?

Your considered a wonderful and beautiful person
so why is it then that no one get’s close to you.

Your personality is so far-ranging but you see no one
in close range to your heart and within your life.  

Your mind is thought of as powerful, brilliant but
what’s the use of having those talents without

how many of us,

how many of those in this world,

how many throughout the events in time
have felt or still feel the wicked sting of
lack of human being acceptance decline.

Naz'e 01/31/2001

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