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Cream Soda



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Cream Soda


looking into your eyes, i'm mesmerized
at how intensely you're staring back at me
looking deeply into my soul
i'm naked beneath your gaze
your eyes are like butterscotch hard candy
the color of cream soda
or some wonderful optical illusion
i wish i could be the gleam inside them
like sparkling diamonds
i want to see what you see when you look at me
i'm addicted to your peepers, the way you look at me drives me wild
i want to drink you like cream soda, the color that is your eyes
when i look inside them

By renahasbrowneyes 

© 2001 renahasbrowneyes (All rights reserved)


And thought you dare for me to stare and be lost of words because of your glare. I want to suck, lick, and swallow your cream and let it slowly go down as the soda would if I drank from it. I want you to see how I stare at you because for what you have given me I want to give back to you. No, not the loving making, no not the love that we have that causes my earth to shake but for the mere fake that we have a love that is not at stake, a passion that is not fake, a unity between you and I that is not mistake. Yes! drink me in as cream soda and allow me to drink you in like cola and vodka. Strong to the taste but alas not a drop we should waste. 


 By: Naz'e 1/16/06


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Beautiful! Great wordplay. A penning onederful oneness of the onement of cream soda! Thanks for the share. ONE. Peace and Love.

naze00011 says:

mlowe5, I am humbled by words, I am glad that you liked this peice.

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