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'Scream at the Sun'


just different

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"Scream at the Sun"

Let it fly, the words needed to be released,
as you stare at the beams of the sphere that
provides us life and heat.

Come out of the cave…

Feel the warmth of the sun, let the sunlight give
you answers and cast out all the pain, all the shame
and all who in our lives caused us to be the blame.

Yell with a roar that lion’s would fear
release this anger before it takes you outta here.

I say again, release it before it takes you outta here.

Release the thoughts that’s sinking your soul to the bottom of nothingness.

Scream at the one…

Scream at the sun…

Scream at the many that have pulled a fast one.
Are you going to sit there and take the hits!

Are you going to be berated till you say “I can no longer take this !”

Or are you going to put on your shield and let out what you deeply feel.

Scream, scream, scream till there’s nothing else to let free.

Naz’e 5/6/2023

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