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“ The day of the Lynching “


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“ The day of the Lynching “

So, sunny was the day,

So clear was the sky,

So still was the wind.

The day of the lynching…

A blackman will be made a victim
either snatched from the streets or
kidnapped from his home.

So dark was the night,

so full of stars was the sky,

so still was the wind.

The day of the lynching…

A blackman has been chosen
as their victim,

they have beaten him,

they have whipped him,

they have dragged him with their horse attached to with chains.

So deformed and very badly injured is this blackman who has done nothing to any of these individuals to deserve this execution act.

Now the noose has been brought to place around his neck for the hanging to take place.

The blackman broken, bleeding, and pleading for his life is placed on horses back with a thick rope around his neck, which is tightly strapped around a thick limb of a tree.

Seconds seem like forever that pass as they chant with cheers and laughs; holding torches to illuminate the event.

Now the time has come for the hanging as they slap the behind of the horse so it can start running.

Leaving it’s rider behind gasping, chocking, and trembling as his life-force slowly slips away.

With his face swelling due to the rushing of blood to his head fears run as a river to his head tears run as a river from his eyes.

This man is losing the battle
to hold on to life.

So sunny is the day,

So clear is the sky,

so clear is the sky,

so still is the wind.

The day after the lynching…

That a blackman lost his life from
people who are filled with hatred and strife.

Left hanging there swaying with the
wind is the body of an innocent victim.

Sending a constant reminder of the physical evidence of racism.

Naz'e 12/01/2000

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