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“By the lake“


just different

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“By the lake“

By the lake is
where I rest.

Where my murderer
left me for dead.

Three years has
passed since my spirit
has been free.

Roaming about the forest
Floating passing through
rocks and trees.

It happened that we were on a date
I was probably looking too appealing that’s my first mistake.
He wanted more than what I wanted to give and an argument took place
and he grabbed my neck

I saw my life pass before me
Damn! I was only seventeen!

Since then no police has ever
seen this murder scene.

To bring my murderer to face his
punishment and give my soul the
opportunity for peace.

By the lake is where I rest unsettled, undead, and unable to ascend to heavens gates.
            Naz’e 12/25/99

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