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The Charming Fire


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“The Charming Fire”


Come warm up in the charming fire…

That fire that is within me…

That fire that I have been 

holding with sheer intensity. 

Feel the fire of my heart melt the 

iced up form that is hiding within you.

We both can not deny that there 

is love between you and I,

 if we said the opposite of 

what we feel, but that would be a lie. 

So let’s combine our heat 

for the rest of our lives.

Let’s not let this boiling 

water inside ever cool.

Come warm up in the charming fire…

Let’s hide underneath the 

covers of the sheets and 

play hide and seek.

But what I will find once I find 

you is the nakedness of you, the 

 openness of your lips below for 

me to taste it’s ebb and flow.

Catch my flames within me, to fill in you.

Releasing this passion that is inside 

me and you to warm up to the reasoning 

that it should always be me and you 

forever one, forever one.

As our bodies talk to each 

other singing a harmony of

our physical pleasers that

are shared by two of God’s 

children that indeed do 

love each other.


Naz'e 2/12 – 3/17/07

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

May the Charming Fire continue to burn! Peace and Love.

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