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"Every Little Thing" (Naz'e version in poetic form


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"Every Little Thing" (Naz'e version in poetic form)

Breathing you in...
Smelling such that sweet scent you left for me... Everyday.
There were times that I thought of my love would hit the sealing and continue passed the moon. Just knowing that our love was so dynamic and true.
And now I am reeling from my heart strings being pulled.
But that was 6 months and many cries ago!
The sealing that I thought would never peak has crumbled and fallen and now what is left, are the memories, the pain and the sick feeling I get when I think of what was and what is now.
So much laughter we had, so much connection we made, every little thing, I missing every little thing.
Why did we have to fight, why did we not have the might, why did we not let the little things that made us click keep up together!
Like a feather floating in the wind... That's our love as it is...
And the only thing we have is the recollection of the past, somethings that sting do last.
Hmmm... I miss that touch, baby, I miss the nights with the candles by the bed and our bodies were the canvas of each other's painting.
That was the high...
Now we're here are in the midst of the hurt and the sting...
Missing all that made us, us yes, every little thing...

Naz'e 4/19/2019

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mlowe5 says:

Sad but beautiful keloid memories. Nice write. Peace and Love.

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