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“The Faceless Virgins“


just different

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“The Faceless Virgins“

Some women remain throughout
their lives reluctant to show or
share their heart, mind, and soul
out of fear of getting burned.

They remain naked to the world
showing all their feelings of life
but stay secluded to the world
when they’re feeling must be shown.

Hundreds & thousands of women exist
in this state so fearful to show there
true feelings of love, want, disgust, lust,
or hate.

Having hands of love ones or potential ones
extended there hand towards you to reach out to feeling you, heal you & love you but you turn a blind eye to their gesture, you turn a blind eye there feelings.

Remaining naked to the world showing all there feelings of face value but stay cradled in a cave of how they truly feel throughout every living day.

Some women remain faceless virgin’s never experiencing life or love out of their fear of getting burned.

Naz'e 07/07/2000

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