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I Feel So Real and I owe it all to you-Tribute song for my very favorite Singer and Special friend Natalie Cole-still connected-Feel so real Steve Arrington

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Happy Birthday



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Sometimes I just

cant help it

my Spirit becomes


At times the tears begin

to flow

Its those days I begin

to think about and miss

my brothers my mom and pop

my big wonderul family

that have left this plane

moved on to another plane

to b reunited again

Its not the holidays so

much that I begin to

miss them

but I know all their birthdays

and its on that day

the sadness comes my 


But am so happy and blessed

had much enjoyable time with

them when they were here

Miss You Like Crazy a favorite song from my very favorite singer  Natalie Cold Youtube got it

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Contest Winner  

Coalhouse says:

Your brother in ink

mrmelody7 says:

Thank you much Brother Coalhouse
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

So Mote It Be! Thanks for the happy tears of beautiful keloid memories. ONE. Peace and Love.

mrmelody7 says:

mlowe5 as always thank you much Sir My oldest brother left this plane 2017 his birthday was the 9th November got another brother left 2022 his comin Dec 8

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