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Nina's Story



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The night was dark, brisk, and cold

The homeless were wrapped in their blankets

Sheltered by cardboard fold

I decided to interview and met a one soul

A woman name Nina 34 yrs old

I Introduced myself and asked, what is your story?

She said to me, my story isone that you'll never forget

Due to bad choice's my life is f@ucked up and cold

I attended college and obtained a business degree

I held down a career within a fortune 500 company

Over the years, trust was built with the company and i was responsible for a large portion of the companies money transactions and capitol

I also pinched of a percentage on occassions and transfered the funds into my hands

It lasted for a while living a temporary dream

Living in a big house with pool, top of the line outlits, and luxury vehicles

I really didn't think that I would never get caught 

But one day off on vacation, I received a priority envelop from my job

I opened it and read mark in red TERMINATION

Also the reasoning was clear as of that Day


Soon after the cops showed at my house and arrested me

I went to court 

The Judge hit me with a pay back all stolen money fine and 6yrs in the Federal Corrections Institute in Texas

I did my time 

But when discharged there was no one there for me

So I caught a cab here into town where I have chosen to stay

I became homeless hanging with the wrong crowd

Drinking whiskey, doing herion, trank, and loud

I asked, how did gain the means of money?

She replied, Prostitution

I know that I will  never get another upscale position at a company for as long as I'm Alive

So what i do in these streets in these times is the only way a B!tch knows how to Survive





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