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The Quietest Scream



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After a few trips around the sun, 

at last we reunited under the stars.

The moon being the sole keeper of our secrets

Using privacy to protect this love we call ours.

Love songs resounding in the background happy and sad alike,

Once again we joined hands and danced the words to the most confusing love story I’d ever write.




To songs of heartbreak, pain, and pleasure.




To songs of past, forever and never…

She pressed her body onto mines and let me know that our hearts still had matching beats.

Hypnotizing rhythmic drumming keeping me oblivious to her taking over me.

The vibrations of her voice and laughter traveled through my veins,

And the image of her smile firmly planted itself deeply into my brain.

She snatched my heart out and replaced it with fantasies about what could have been…

Should have been…

And possibly could be…

But  for the time being she placed my heart in her back pocket and walked away from me…


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mrmelody7 says:

Nicely written I love traveling the cosmos milky way big dipper imagery and movement of the words makes for a groove of a write lot going on in this write

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A beautiful celestial-terrestrial pound flow ending in cosmic hope of what may come to be. An excellent canvassing! Thanks for the share, Bragee. ONE. Peace and Love.

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