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Til the pen runs dry



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I told myself

That I’d write a three part love poem that had a very happy ending.

So certain how it would play out that I scribbled in the conclusion before the beginning.

I spoke of wedding bells and happy days,

Only to end with a leading actress wearing no face.

I’m writing a three part love poem and I no longer know who it’s about….

After the loudest whispers and quietest screams there’s only confusion to be sorted out. 

So now I say I started a three part love poem that ran out of love before I ran out of words to say

 I suppose that's why I talk in circles until my words to drift up and away.

 I don’t know if I'm writing "it’s nice to meet you" or "it was good knowing you",


I’m writing…

I’m living…

I’m losing…





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mlowe5 says:

Continue to write on, Bragee! ONE. Your pen is so wet! ONE. Peace and Love.

love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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