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Ode to my secret Queen



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She sprinkles me with her light showers every morning before I exit the door…

Usually vain efforts serving as a sample that  only makes me want you more.

A silent tug of war 

I leave her everyday, just to go to work and freely dream about you.

Needing more than just getting the job done and she can’t do what you do.

I like the splashes she leaves on my skin  but they simply can’t compete,

With the way you fully engulf me in wetness and silence my desire to speak.

Peacefully drowning me.

You swallow me whole like a meal you’ve been dying to eat.

Gently pulling me under until we reach new heights.

No arguments

No fights

Other than me fighting to stay when I know it’s our time to end

I tend to stand over you staring and debating if we should go again


We don’t.

And we won’t.

Until tomorrow when I start the process over again.






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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Sweet! Well canvassed. Thanks for the share. One. Peace and Love.

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