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Dear Illuminati


just different

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Illuminati, Illuminati!

Where are you?

Your pawns are going crazy and losing their mind.

They’ve been looking for you, but you’ve been so hard to find.

They’re living a nightmare in what they thought was a beautiful dream.

Now they're seeing that everything isn't what it seem. They’re praying to an imaginary savior who they think lives in the sky.

But you’re too cowardly to tell them it’s all a lie.

For centuries, you’ve been sending your pawns to try to take me and other star seeds out.

Underestimating our powers and abilities, we had to finally show you what we are really about.

Star seeds from all over the multiverse answered the call.

We knew it was time for the Reptilian Illuminati to fall.

Everything you sent our way to make us give up and fail, we stood ten toes.

Revenge is our specialty; this is why your pawns are being exposed.

I know you didn’t expect such a mass consciousness awakening.

I know you didn’t see your empire come to such a disastrous ending.

Your riches and fame can no longer protect you.

The fall from your throne is being televised for all to view.

The light is exposing everything that’s been done in the dark.

We’re rounding your pawns up by twos like Noah’s ark.

Illuminati, Illuminati!

Come save your devoted pawns, they’re getting bodied.

What happened to the illuminati code of blood sister, blood brother.

Illuminati, Illuminati!

Look at your pawns folding and  betraying one another!

Your Mk Ultra is failing… They’re losing control!

They don’t know how to survive without their soul!

Your clones are glitching and breaking down.

The bodies and lies you’ve buried are emerging from the ground.

No stone will go unturned.

Everything you created will go up in flames and burn.

We saved the last blow for you and your ring of pedophiles.

We’re getting justice for every single child!

We’re walking by their side as they come forth to speak the truth.

Trust me… there is plenty of evidence and proof!

This is the war where you will meet your end.

Now the world will know the true story about how the Reptilian Illuminati fell…

…Never to rise again!

…This is the rebirth!

…Welcome to the New Earth!





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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

UnderWorldLyricist says:

Thank you so much!

TEEDUB815 says:

Excellently written

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