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Sweet Jesus


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Sudden toil the rhythms of the routine, 

The locked up stillness of not having something to plan to look forward to

A plan, a dream that always is dismantled to bring new lesson 

Nothing is ever as we visualise, I laugh at the Law of Attraction

I snort at manifestation 

Each seed brings forth an apple tree when I dreamt of strawberry bush

This is the real teachings not a shiny photo shopped image 

As I am confined to office block and housing block and square box selling to me

I choke like invisible chain is surrounding my being 

I tear inside at generational trauma of 400 years 

Then I press stop. I walk amongst trees, sassy and living, feel the energy gloominess of night, reflection of sun, lunar year beginnng in March

I attend to my gut

Ancestors cover hands of blended skin over my womb area

And I sing 

I sing I smile at discerning frowns of wage, tax, function, function, punch in

I was being throttled punched requested to crawl

Whilst Masai warrior neck reaches so tall?

I see universal love, I heal and heal more heal others so their insides stand tall 

I no longer cooperate for the corporate 

And I see slender foot nailed to cross blood drips in dreams

This final visual of being crucified by a society whatever it's culture

And he was in sweetest of spirits 

Without reproach belonging to that which is not 

And through him

So I am


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