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The Pleasing Maiden and Mother Crone


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The maiden, the mother, the lover, the crone

Stages conjoiled as if the blood pattern does not change 

History of satisfied belief of helping their view point relieves mine 

Sit with the mother and ease worries offering lavendar bath and rock salts to ease

Uplift the breast that suckled, pleasured, tempted 

Feel consumed by opinion

Into dust I lie thee down so adjacent doors can close

A wolf cries from interior stomach a wolf cries to the produce of her womb

Shes wild amongst trees and his fist had tried to tame

HIs comments on morning breeze first heard breath

She paints bright colours onto stone

As her hand, dainty becomes almighty

As her love calls her fathers name

This gentle touch will not be so soft

When it falls onto her assailant from intervention pure, real and natural

It becomes her healer, her secret keeper 

Her longing for the absent father, the unfaithful lover, the heart that paused as he left, the fantasy who reveals his all 

Holding his death wishes she spoons Saturday soup over text message

Sends her spirit to grab a wrist away from knife

Accepts his blessings and blesses in return pictures of ample backside of imaginings of his wellness 

Of being availble Plants bending until it turns into a crisp leaf and with many if not all women of colour she stands hand in hand with sisters

Who are left when the suckling is done

To wipe dried milk from brown breast to remember to eat 

Make Taboulet, light incense and hum inside, smile with gratitude and bathe in rose water, add lipstick 

Hope not for blood on nipple, harder the case the more the reward

Either you find me more free, exploring more or indeed I'm closer to the Lord

There lack is removed amongst tress in daily walk

Turning oil of the new he lies down she wishes her well his chosen Capitalist

Not in jealously green 

Instead a woman of god of field of realm

Gold shimmering gold

And black so without question without desparity there is only good in that 

Less stable less accepted, less seen, less promoted

More Queen 

Forgotten not by the Cirrus cloud, the green bright parakeet, the smile from youthful maid, the warmth of winter socks and glance from Canary Wharf

Forgotten not of the scent of her own menalin cinnamon and spice 

Held in the arms of the air, cradled by sea waves and welcomed to dance barefoot near mountain top

Where the natural world hums rejoice rejoice. 

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Newpanther says:

THIS... goes down smooth like pineapple 1800 over ice..

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