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The Coming



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I am walking with a woman I don't know

Down to the waters of the Lake below

We got there and notice the Lake is full

Hundreds of boats with people aboard 

Screaming for us to exit the shore

A voice yelled out, Get Off The land

I turned around and saw a mass of Angry Wild Animals running our way with kill in their eyes for taking away and destroying their land to build on

Bears, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bob cats, hogs, deer, moose, snakes, rabbits, opossum, and racoons

I looked up to see the nothing but darkness

Thousands of birds of prey had blanketed the sky

Everything began happening so fast it caught me by surprise 

I grab the womans hand 

Together we jumped in the lake and swam with closed eyes 

A hand reached out from a boat that had room for us to squeeze 

Onboard, The woman spoke and said to me., "Damn the animals of the world must be pissed and really fed up with human greed"




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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

A deep allegorical write, TEEBUD815. Got it! ONE. Peace and Love.

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