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Mo Love



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Pen strokes on paper cause a reaction 

My thoughts contracting

Like dialated birth canals ready 2 receive new life coming

My thoughts and words always humbling, as I feed universe another view as I see it

These words free no charge, as U take me in

Love it or hate it

My expression related from heart that pump words my eye open, but heart sealed 2 many

Stay away cause plenty evil hearts, can't play part of my peace and elevation

Fools scared of revelation if U choose 2 believe what falls off common man tongue

Never needed a middle man 2 connect me 2 the great almighty, 4 our one on one convos is more bomb and satisfying, 4 real

Everyday people dying

Hate multiplying 

Love 4 man...fading day by day

Heavenly angles cry in spiritual realm why it has 2 be this way

Use no inhaler, but at times can't breathe when BS is all around me, careful with the moves I make

Can't be all up in your face playin fake, I'd rather play U from a distance 

This ink...consistent 

This ink...persistent 

This ink non-existent 2 closed minds stuck in they animalistic nature 

Will we choose the higher or lower self of being, 4 in these last days that omnipotent light gleaming drawing closer

What's all the killin and fighting 4, when love is all we need

But...we rather bleed out on streets

We rather reach 4 pole and squeeze triggers before we speak!

Another soul gone

This pen push on expressing feelings how I  see it

Maybe someone needs 2 read this, and hope they feel it

Mo love 

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love_supreme says:

I like this flow. Excellent write.

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RonnieL says:

love_supreme always appreciate anyone taking in my art. Thank U greatly!

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Tell it like it is, my Brother. What this world needs is MO LOVE! Let us continue in our poetic, spiritual life of labors of love. I feel you! Thanks. ONE. Peace and Love.

Halfblacksheep1 says:

Deep words....beautiful

RonnieL says:

mlowe5…your feedback treasured!

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RonnieL says:

Halfblacksheep1…Thank you so much!

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

One, my Brother; again, so good to hear from you and your pounding words of awareness. Peace and Love.

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