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Poet Love



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Poet Love

A poet needs love

I’ll say this slowly once again…

A poet needs love

A poet heart full

Overflowing with emotions,spilling over as words

form like a life jacket

Drowning deep in word play stanzas 

breath shortin with anticipation 

of next dive deep into thoughts, surfacing 2 top of imagination….


Yeah…A poet needs love

4 a poet words live 4 ever,

clinging 2 sheets of white paper or tapped on iphone keys

spitting out words

Scratch that…

Rather…spitting poetic phrases

 in smoky dark rooms, filled by sounds of finger snaps echoing approval of on lookers satisfied

As soon as I 

step off stage…skkkkirt

Transform back 2 quiet tongue, 

around strange faces giving me dap on words just spat, but if my words lacked potency would U give me a second look?

A poet more comfortable alone jotting words on wrinkled or tattered notebooks a poets lifeline…like blood running thru veins pumping feelings 2 numerous 

2 capture in one pen stroke

Rather…strokes of nothingness

at times invading lack of creativity chocking me like ivy veins

I’m dying deep inside

But…A poet needs love

A poet vocab shining bright like Ra in early morning sky, illuminate light 4 words spill forth, a poet catching droplets of feelings spilled, displaying them in wordplay tango… dancing on the wind song of my imagination, blowing visions of thoughts 2 beautiful 2 hold inside oneself

4 anything else is less than civilized

A poet love?

Timeless…4 we know we create

No debate


It’s U




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love_supreme says:

I loved this one. Excellent write.

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Contest Winner  

The Immortal Wize says:


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RonnieL says:

Love_supreme…Thank U

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RonnieL says:

The Immortal Wize…your feedback always honored.

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RonnieL says:

The Immortal Wize…your feedback always honored.

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Belindathapoet says:

Extremely Profound, Love this Piece!!!!
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A profound canvassing! Well-spoken for we poets who have dedicated our lives to sharing needed words of awareness, inspiration, spiritual strength, hope, and undying Peace, and Love. So great to hear from you, dear Brother, RonnieL. Know that you have been missed. Thanks. ONE. Peace and Love.

RonnieL says:

Belindathapoet…Thank U 4 checking me out.

RonnieL says:

mlowe5…thank you. We all have 2 elevate and love.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Indeed! ONE. Peace and Love.

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