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Legs Closed



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In the beginning of marriages the sex is sacred, intense, and great between the two 

Five years in, the love, the sexual tendencies between the two are obeyed

Ten, fifteen, onto twenty years+, most men will experience the rejection

Disappointed with the Blue Balls in pain swollen like inner tubes in tires

His ears filled with words that should come from the very old and retired

Like, I'm tired, I don't feel like it, damn that's enough, I'm not hot for it, or I'm cold 

The Elders use to have a saying that's true as the vows that they have chose

Men be mindful,  you will be her provider, her protector, her everything as a man is supposed 

But when you get married understand this, "She Gotcha Now", LEGS CLOSE.



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WarriorCarryingWater says:

Real talk! This MFer is spittin’!

love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

One thing we must be aware of is that being in love is one thing; receiving and giving love from the heart (as opposed to the hard) is another. Floppy cancers teach this! There are closed legs and closed minds. Indeed, whichever, know that "She Gotcha!" Thanks for this deep thought thought-provoking write. ONE. Peace and Love.

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