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Suicide Note



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This vibe reminds me of "You"

Like a movie - rerun in my head 

Just to be next to you.

Like a chicken with no head, 

I’d still run to you.

Gender part less

I’d play whitney - regardless


I’d run to you.

But would you stay? 

Would my wounds from YOUR tongue make you run away?

It’s not your fault BUT

Would you blame me 

if I asked you to stay? 


Convoluted visions of love I share with you.

Although you never asked me to

Looking in your eyes is too much 

I turn my back to you 

just to ask of you 

To love me…


The reminders of how much I don’t need you 

Doesn’t give much relief to the weight of my plea…

But like Pink

I ask that you don’t leave

Like Sam Smith - stay with me

I know I can be like a pill sometimes

instead of making you better…

And it makes me sick to my stomach

Letting go of our forever

But still…


Something like a sales pitch

I’ll fight for you - Samson

Until you give into me.

Tell me your secrets

I’m not the Pharisees

Nothing like Delilah 

Yo soy Rameses 

Break the laws of love for you boy


Our problems simply can’t compete.


Whole heartedly



Choose me

I want you 

but I have to love me.


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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

I feel you, IcanSeenow. It took me back a couple of decades ago when we opened the front door and saw him hanging from his bedroom door. Love is Love. Lived. In the end, God reveals all; and we grow forward in His healing grace. Great share. Thanks. ONE. Peaxce and Love.
Contest Winner  

Icanseenow says:

Thanks I appreciate it!

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