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Family secrets



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My mama and uncle always bickered

  I mean hard down yelling while every one snickered

I never understood why they hated each other

The funny thing is that's my daddy's brother

I would hug him, and my mom would get mad at me

I observed them closely to understand their reality

He would come over to nana house she wouldn't greet him When he brought us toys for Christmas she would give them back and say we didn't need them

Sometimes he would come over when daddy was pulling graveyard shifts

She would hug him ,I think one time I seen him kiss her on the lips

They would laugh all night

And kinda sound like they made up

But they'll get back to their routine

When daddy pulled up

 Is daddy my uncle?

And uncle my daddy?

Either way I love them both and they both made me happy Nana told me  "Dont go opening ya mouth telling secrets "

And if that's the case that's the way I'm gonna keep it

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love_supreme says:

This is keeping it real, excellent write.

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Icanseenow says:

This was a fun read lol
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mlowe5 says:

Deep. It's no secret that it is love, not hate that conquers all. ONE. Peace and Love.

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