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I Feel So Real and I owe it all to you-Tribute song for my very favorite Singer and Special friend Natalie Cole-still connected-Feel so real Steve Arrington

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In Another World 4 A While



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Not only am I an insomniac but diagnosed

PTSD but also an active mind that never

wants to wind down

so am like every morning

forever I can remember

the lil sleep I do get

take me into all kind

of worlds of dreams 3D movies

short bits of adventures

Soon as I wake got to have a couple

of cups of black Joe

I b messin up a couple of hours upon waking

Hated stopping at stores when I was working

Buying a cup of Joe pullin out too much money

misplacing keys misplacin wallet

Where in the world do I b before

I wake

off  again tonight as another 24 hour cycle

I again partake 


I relate so well to this song by Dr John still have

this LP from early 70s Dr John song Right Place wrong time Youtube has it


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mlowe5 says:

Nice. ONE. Peace and Love.

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